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Check Valve
产品型号:Check Valve
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Standards and Specifications:1. Design standard confom to: EN1074-3

2. Conection flange conform to: EN1092-2 PN10

3. Face o face conlorm to: EN 558-1 48 series

4. Testing and inspecion condfom o EN1266-1

Performance Features:

1.Reliable sealed in either horizonal or verical pipelines.

2. Low head loss.

3. Ball movement can lead如an al pass runoll.

4. Sll-clean floating blls.

5. Sensitively sealing/ disconnecting operation.

6. Easy如dismanbe the covers to maintenance.

Application Range:

Working temperature: -15C - +250'C

Diameter range: DN50 - DN400

Worling pressure: PN10 - DN50 - DN400

PN16- DN50 - DN200

plcation: pressuized fud, VIscous fuld, sowage

reatment, pump staton, etc.