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Ball Valve
产品型号:球阀Ball Valve
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Metal seated ball valve is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, wear, corrosion and other working conditions.It is the ideal product to cut off the special medium, like the medium mixed with solid and gas, solid and liquid, highviscosity, high-fiber, high-temperature steam and so on. It is widely used in the coal chemical, petrochemical, powergeneration, papermaking, polysilicon and other industries.

Due to its good sealing performance and multiple selection of sealing materials, soft seat ball valve is widely used intransmitting pure medium, such as water, liquefied gas, coal gas, natural gas, oil, nitric acid and so on.

Dimension : 1/2" to 36" (metal seat); 1/2" to 48" (soft seat)

Pressure rating : Class 150 to Class 4500 (metal seat); Class 150 to Class 2500 (soft seat)

Temperature range: -196 to 650*C (metal seat); -196 to 260"C (soft seat)

Actuators: lever, gear, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic.

End connection: flange, BW, sw

Valve structure: floating, trunion

Body type: 2-pieces or 3-pieces, in casting or forging